We repair/replace commercial and residential flat roofs

For over 15 years, TCH Roofing has built a rock-solid reputation based on our skill, honesty, and quality roofing workmanship and knowledge. In addition to being well-informed and experienced in all forms of flat roofs, our expertise also extends to the installation, maintenance, and repair of flat roofing systems. Make TCH Roofing your one-stop-shop for all flat roofing-related issues in the GTA.

Our most common spec for flat roofing includes:

  • To determine if the roof system is performing according to its intended function
  • To identify materials used and current conditions
  • To identify signs of weakness, deterioration or hazard
  • To identify needed repairs
  • FR board mechanically fastened
  • 2-ply SBS thermally sealed protection, 180 granular cap sheet in black, grey, or brown
  • Pre-finished metal cap flashing as needed
  • Scuppers and drains for positive drainage
  • Seals around any flat roof penetrations

Flat roofing must be able to both hold weather for long durations—such as winter snow build-up—and to shed weather through positive drainage. A 2-ply torch on the system will provide excellent protection, but it is expensive and requires specially-trained labour to apply to the roof deck. For these reasons, it is essential that flat roofing is done professionally the first time, as any flaws will be constantly challenged year-round.

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