A roof inspection to avoid major problems

All roofs will wear down over time, especially as we live in a region of regular hail, wind, and sudden temperature changes. Regular roof inspection is essential to ensure the most important part of your property is working to protect the way it was designed to be. At TCH Roofing, we recommend roof inspections right after any severe weather situations or if you are preparing your home for sale. Any roof repairs not dealt with after the first signs of failure can result in increased damage to the building envelope and interior finishes. If damages are covered by your home insurance, we recommend immediate contact with your insurance company in order to file a claim before the cut off deadline.

Our Roof Inspection Objectives

  • To determine if the roof system is performing according to its intended function
  • To identify materials used and current conditions
  • To identify signs of weakness, deterioration or hazard
  • To identify needed repairs

TCH Roofing provides roof inspections by our certified inspectors. This means we can effectively and efficiently inspect and assess any damage to all major types of residential roofs. Our roof inspections will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of manufacture, installation, weathering, hail or wind damage, and condition status. At the same time, we can provide a complimentary estimate for any repairs or full roof replacement if required.

Thorough 30-Point Roof Inspection Program

Our 30 point inspection program will carefully evaluate and check for performance of your roof system. If your roof is in good shape, we can set you up with a regular inspection schedule. If repairs are needed, we’ll ensure you understand the issues by providing pictures and show you how much it will cost to repair. As home owners ourselves, we take great care in providing the best solution that fits your budget, timeline, and daily operations.

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